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Highlights of short hair

Highlights hair cap is considered a classic. It is also called "highlights feathers". Although the highlights through the cap and "feathers" are the differences are only in Russian, in English - it all has the same name. Roughly speaking, one and the other, creates the effect of feathers, the difference is only in the technique of execution. Through a cap better to do it highlights only for short fine hair. Strands are obtained thin, will pick and without the blond hair, but the color is a shade lighter and it will create a volume. It is recommended that the blondes.

The METHOD for PERFORMING Highlights CAP of the house (or in the passenger compartment):

 Make the highlights on the cap of the house without the aid is extremely difficult, though not impossible. If You have not found the assistant, then you need to sit down between two mirrors so that both hands were free, and also to be able to see the whole head. With the assistant all the easier it will be necessary only to explain how frequent and thin must be strands.

 So, the head of wearing the hat for the Highlights (possible usual plastic bag), then hook through the holes caps gently begin to pull the strands of hair. It is best to have them at a distance of 1 cm from each other in chessboard order. The thicker the strands, the greater should be the distance between them. Once pulled out all strands can dilute a paint. Then it is applied to the hair. The temperature in the room must be not less than +20 C. After the necessary time (as a rule, bleaching of one tone requires 10-15 minutes, the maximum time - 40 minutes), without taking off his cap (package), wash the dye out of her hair. Only after this you can remove the cap and wash the hair with the shampoo. If need be, wash his head several times, it is necessary to completely wash away all the paint, otherwise it will continue to act. After Highlights cap, as necessary, you can затонировать hair, to make the transition from colored strands to his hair color was not so sharp. Toning better do not immediately, but after a few days.

Highlights of the hair on the foil or highlights through the foil

 Highlights of the hair on the foil invented by the Americans. The use of multi-coloured foil in Highlights proves its efficiency for many years. The essence consists in the fact that the individual strands cause окрашивающий composition, and then wrapped in foil. It prevents the neighbouring strands of painting and helps to-tag used colors. This technology Highlights hair on the foil is considered to be the most secure and very suitable for long hair. In addition, the use of the foil is suitable for a wide variety of painting - you can колорировать any part of the head.

 To start Highlights hair on the foil of the house of the need to define the location and width of strands, to prepare, in accordance with the foil. Then dilute обесцвечивающий composition. To begin it is recommended to always with a parting. Taking one small strand, отеляются strands, others are removed. Is then applied to it prepared composition, wrapped in foil. The foil can be wrapped and secured in order to better kept, but you can not fix - it all depends on the foil. After you are done with parted, you can begin to Highlights hair through the foil the right side, then to Highlights hair through the foil the left, and so in turn. At the end of the processed rear strands. It is necessary to wait for some time (as a rule, discoloration on 1 tone requires 10-15 min., the maximum time - 40 min.), then carefully wash off the paint with strands, having removed a foil. After that, all you need to wash your hair thoroughly washing the paint residues.

 In General, if You don't trust hairdressers, for You it is expensive or do not fit Your aggressive professional paint, to do something highlights hair at home - this is Your right. Only follow, please, all the instructions and advice, in order not to spoil his hair and mood. But it is better to consult specialists, who will advise You on any issues.

 Highlights of the hair. Other methods

HIGHLIGHTS of the hair of the house FROM the HANDS of

In this case, Dodge is applied directly on the net hair hands or regular brush for painting. Here also there are different techniques of making Highlights.


 This technique Highlights is designed for short hair (up to a maximum of 12-15 cm). For this cause it to lock, then dried her hair, her head down. The prepared mixture is applied with brush on the tips of his fingers. Then evenly distributed between the tips of the hair. This operation is repeated three-four times. And, be sure to be maintained for a certain pause (for the type of hair).


 This technique Highlights hair at home is designed specifically for wavy hair, it stresses the volume and lightens hair. To achieve the correct result, you must first wet hair, посушив them, and then lower his head down. Then take the tips of the fingers slightly colouring composition and carefully apply to the hair, not massaging.

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